Design Partners rebrands as Oxygen Architecture

15 March 2022 >

Design Partners Architects is proud to announce that it has officially rebranded as Oxygen Architecture. Managing Director and Registered Architect Dan McNelis joined Design Partners in December 2019 and under his direction the team has expanded both in capability and experience, so a fresh new look and feel was desired to take this burgeoning practice into its next iteration.

The Oxygen Architecture rebrand recognised the need to create a strong, new, architectural brand that will better reflect the size and experience of the team and the health and sustainability direction of the business, while continuing to maintain the same level of dedication to our clients and projects that you have come to expect.

Oxygen Architecture is an NZIA accredited practice focused specifically on the design of ‘healthy human spaces’. We work with public and private sector clients who are intent on creating socially and environmentally responsible built environments of the future.

Our team is comprised of Architects and designers who have worked for some of the best architectural practices in New Zealand and internationally. They have delivered some of the country’s most recognisable buildings and developments for a diverse group of clients.

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At Oxygen we have combined this design skill and technical expertise into a formidable force to create ‘healthy human spaces’. These are homes, workplaces and other environments that enhance the health of the people within them and the world around them. ‘Healthy human spaces’ aren’t only warm and dry inside, they are made using materials that actively contribute to human wellbeing, and cost less to maintain in the long term.  And by working with environmentally positive materials and construction methods, they keep the world outside them healthy too.

Our Vision:

To create healthy human spaces to improve the wellbeing of all New Zealanders.

Our Values:
  • We exist to provide inspiring design with a social and environmental purpose at its heart.
  • We work with public and private sector clients who are intent on creating healthy, sustainable environments of the future.
  • We enjoy our work, and we want our clients to enjoy working with us too.

Oxygen Architecture provides full Architectural services to a range of clients and sectors. We are comfortable working at all project stages and can provide a bespoke scope of service to meet all needs. We use leading edge BIM technology, collaborative visualisation tools, advanced DFMA fabrication software, and some trusty pens and pencils to bring our ideas and solutions to life.

>>> Introducing Oxygen Architecture, established April 2022.